Waiting for sunrise, William Boyd 2012

Posted: October 14, 2012 by Kevin Griffiths in Book reviews
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Infanterist Karl Weigand, Bavarian Reserve-Inf...

Infanterist Karl Weigand, Bavarian Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 4, Bavarian Ersatz Division “Benzino” (Photo credit: drakegoodman)

Waiting for Sunrise , Harper Collins USA, first published Bloomsburg London 2012, and a Library of Congress reference. The book is  fiction and set in pre WW1 Vienna.

Many award winning author Boyd after hisw book A good man in Africa and its White hood  and Somerset Maugham alcaldes has written a very disruptive chronicle of a world war one experience.

From a vicarious place he creates a mood picture of  tossing and upset leading to a moment at sunrise that sees the death of a traitor.

The book although it has in its  chapter 18 has   a ” no eureka moment title ”  it give a most useful action discovered in its endurance and  that is if you have a anonymous fund-raising box to by a loved retiring colonel,for a parting gift , you will not know if it was pilfered or no wanted to kick in.

He does touch on one important aspect of conflict and that is that they are continued by people who are put in positions of not being able to come back. Once again a checkered life sets people on roads out of their control.

Relevence is an issue in this book.

This book rates **** Good


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