Reconstructing AMELIA: Kimberly McCreight 2013

Posted: September 8, 2013 by Kevin Griffiths in Book reviews
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Novel: Amelia didn’t jump. The text comes and confuses the pat answers of why a supposed cheater died from a fall from a roof. Kate the single parent lawyer mother of a young woman is tasked to piece together the texts and emails  in the up to and over of a death of a daughter.

“The  term bullying makes for hot button and is a serious allegation”. P213; all the current high-tech social media concerns are involved in this read.”Academic Achievment that sounds like a disease” P342,”harassment is against the code at Grace Hall”

Colorful language is part of this story and is not out of balance.

Reconstructing Amelia is  a little dry in the sence that the mother is not debilitated with the death and able to act better than most of us would.

This book for a sence of  the new world of school and social media rates good.****

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